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We offer Straw walkers for John Deere, Claas and Massey Ferguson combines.

The front cascades of the shaker keys are made of thicker sheet metal in order to cope with the large flow of straw coming from the concave with the active beater.

The main sieves are made of metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm, thereby improving the stability, strength and durability of parts when harvesting corn. The closed box-shaped design provides an additional stability of the overall design - even with a large amount of straw.

A distinctive feature of our straw walkers is special brackets for fastening the keys to the bearings of the crankshafts on which it operates. The special geometric shape of these brackets provides a proportional distribution of dynamic loads on the design of the key itself, we managed to remove the stress in the most loaded points of the structure, and in consequence to increase the life of the key.

The weight, dimensions and attachment points correspond to the original spare parts, so straw walkers can be mounted on the combine without additional modification.

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