Grain tank auger for Claas combine harvester. OEM 3513911 - Lexion 410, CL-351-391R, Claas

Grain tank auger for Claas combine harvester. OEM 3513911

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Grain tank auger for Claas combine harvester. OEM# 3513911

Fits Claas combine harvester(s) Lexion 410-480, 450-460 TT, 480 TT, 510-580, 520-530 Montana, 550-560 Montana, 600,620-670, 740-770

Grain tank auger for Claas combine harvester. OEM# 3513911

Fits Claas combine harvester(s) Lexion 410, Lexion 415, Lexion 420, Lexion 430, Lexion 440, Lexion 450, Lexion 460, Lexion 470, Lexion 480, Lexion 450 TerraTrac, Lexion 460 TerraTrac, Lexion 480 TerraTrac, Lexion 510, Lexion 530, Lexion 530, Lexion 540, Lexion 550, Lexion 560, Lexion 570, Lexion 580, Lexion 550 Montana, Lexion 560 Montana, Lexion 570 Montana, Lexion 600, Lexion 620, Lexion 630, Lexion 640, Lexion 650, Lexion 660, Lexion 670, Lexion 630 Montana, Lexion670 Montana, Lexion 740, Lexion 750, Lexion 760, Lexion 770, Lexion 750 Montana

OEM No: Claas 3513911, 351391.1, 0 003 513 911

Used in grain delivery, grain tank unloading

Quantity used: 1

Grain tank 9000 litres HD; Grain tank 10000 litres, turret auger HD; Grain tank discharge M; Grain tank discharge XL HD

Part type
Lexion 57
Lexion 410
Lexion 415
Lexion 420
Lexion 430
Lexion 440
Lexion 450
Lexion 450 TerraTrac
Lexion 460
Lexion 460 TerraTrac
Lexion 470
Lexion 480
Lexion 480 TerraTrac
Lexion 510
Lexion 530
Lexion 540
Lexion 550
Lexion 560
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg


The company has been working on the market of combine parts and grain-harvesting machinery since 1999. During these 20 years sufficient experience had been gained on combine parts manufacturing to combines produced by world famous combine manufacturers like Claas, Massey Ferguson, Deutz Fahr, New Holland, John Deere, Case. With this period of time the enterprise has proved to be a reliable and stable partner.

The company’s departments of technics and design are constantly analyzing any changes appearing in technical providing agricultural machinery. Qualified employees are attentively following improvements or innovations introduced by factories-manufacturers and react to them in time. The ability to march in step with leaders has gained trust of a considerable quantity of our clients and made possible to guarantee high quality goods, reasonable prices and be very attentive to each customer.

Day by day the company launches all new combine parts in production at the request of the market for reasonable price and excellent quality.

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