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Shipping cost

Shipping with Central Transport freight is estimated automatically on a checkout.

For UPS shipping (Freight or Ground) we estimate shipping cost for each order based on selected products dimensions, necessary packaging, delivery address type. That lets our customers to get the real shipping price. 

If you want to ship with UPS contact us to estimate delivery cost.

See more instructions on a Shipping page.

Order payment

We are currently using PayPal, Cards (via Stripe), and bank transfer. See more on Payment page.


Add products to a cart

You can add any in-stock product to a cart. To find a part you can use a site search and navigation features.

Many products on our site are still not in stock. If you need some of out of stock products send us an inquire for time and cost to email or message on a Contact page

Add shipping cost to a cart

For UPS shipping only!
As there is no shipping price in products price, negotiated delivery price should be added to a cart by means of virtual product "Shipping payment". 

Shipping payment

shipping payment
Virtual shipping payment product. Input as much quantity for 1$ as you need to get invoiced shipping cost.
In stock
$ 1.00

We estimate delivery cost for each order and give a real delivery price for each customer. See more instructions on a Shipping page.


Fill you personal information, shipping address, select delivery options and payment method.

Check following checkbox


After that you will be informed by email automatically for any order status changes.


If it is not accessible at the moment to order required products directly via shopping cart, there is always option to send us your order or enquiry using our e-mail address or message on our Contact page.

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