Where we ship

We ship to USA and Canada addresses. For all other destinations, contacts us for charges. 

Customer is responsible for all import duties and taxes incurred after order leaves USA (contact your local customs office for information on such charges).

How we ship

Central Transport LTL freight service will be used as the carrier in most instances within USA.

UPS freight is prefered on delivery to Canada.

Smaller packages are delivered with UPS Ground.

Quote for shipping rate before payment!

Additional packing

Large products like sieves, augers, frames, concaves and some other need additional packaging to reduce the risk of damage while shipping. Regular cardboard packaging may be insufficient for heavy parts.

Since September 2020 no extra packing fee is charged.

Recommended sieves packaging

Crated packaging for 2 sieves.


Shipping cost is calculated based on your delivery address and weight and dimensions of  packed items. 

We estimate freight LTL  shipping cost using following resources: Central TransportUPS

Freight estimates for Central Transport freight is estimated automaticaly on a site, contacts us for UPS ground and UPS freight estimates.

You can request to calculate the cost of delivery for your order via Email or Contact Form, providing us with the delivery address and parts list.


We estimate delivery cost for each order and give a real delivery price for each customer. As there is no shipping price in products price, negotiated delivery price should be added to a cart by means of virtual product "Shipping payment".

Central transport freight is estimated automatically.

However, we can make an order on your behalf and you will receive a payment link via Email.

Follow these steps to add  agreed delivery cost to your order (for UPS only):

Step 1. Shipping price

You will get a shipping price estimate like this one (for UPS Freight):

Total shipping estimates are 341.1$

Step 2. Adding shipping price

Add following product "Shipping payment" to a cart

Shipping payment

shipping payment
Virtual shipping payment product. Input as much quantity for 1$ as you need to get invoiced shipping cost.
In stock
$ 1.00

Change the quantity for shipment product to fit your shipping estimates (341)

Step 3. Checkout

After all you are ready for checkout.

Check your address. Select shipping method - CT Freight or UPS.

After all you will receive an email with confirmation and order statuses.


Shipping time depends on a distance from NJ to you location. Standard transit time you can find on a following map.

Note: Shipping process starts on next day after you order payment. So add minimum 1 day to the time of transit.


Agroparts shipping time


Agroparts shipping costs

If you wish to get an order faster it is recommended to pick up shipping at nearby Freight Company Service Center. This may save 1-3 days in delivery time.


Effective rules and tariffs: Central Transport FreightUPS freight

Mostly used additional fees, that may be applied to delivery costs for orders are listed below:

Residential Address Fee

Please note that freight companies charge extra fee for shipping to residential address. The term “Residence” means private residences, apartment complexes, dormitories and businesses located at a private residence.

Shipping to a farm mostly considered as a residential address.

You can check address type HERE 

To save money, use the non residential address for freight delivery. Also you can self pickup at nearest service center.

Following fees by companies:







Over Length Fee

When containing any handling unit with a dimension of 8 feet or greater in length and less than 12 feet in length

Following fees by companies:







Extreme Length Fee

Shipments containing one or more articles that equal or exceed 12 feet in length, but are less than 20 feet in length

Following fees by companies:








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