Separation unit parts for John Deere, Claas Lexion, Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson combine harvesters.

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Separation unit

A separation system unique to each manufacturer and model complements the threshing unit. The crop requires additional processing since the degree of separation of the threshing unit does not exceed 70% on average. Therefore, some models have impeller-equipped separation systems and can maintain stable performance. A straw flap can also be added to this component; it provides a smooth pull-through effect and reduces the risk of clogging.

Conventional combine harvesters are equipped with straw walker crankshafts that oscillate up and down alternately to shake the straw and collect the remaining grain, which spills out. To improve the performance of these components, conventional machines are also equipped with one or more agitators with forks to loosen and whisk the straw as it travels through the walker.

The components of the separation system are bulky and subject to a constant movement that places them under high mechanical stress. Keeping them in perfect condition guarantees stable performance and optimal grain separation. To ensure you get reliable parts that increase your machine's performance, LANDA offers you a wide range of separation system wear parts, fully tailored to your machine, at competitive prices.

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