Claas Lexion combine parts

Claas is a well-known manufacturer of agricultural machinery, including combines. A Claas combine is a complex machine made up of many different parts, each serving a specific purpose.

Here is a breakdown of the major parts of a Claas combine:

  1. Grain header: The grain header is the part of the combine that harvests the crop. It consists of a row of teeth or blades that cut the crop and a conveyor belt that transports it into the machine.

  2. Threshing drum: Once the crop is harvested, it is fed into the threshing drum, which uses a combination of teeth and rotating cylinders to separate the grain from the rest of the plant material.

  3. Separation and cleaning system: After the grain is separated from the plant material, it is sent through a series of sieves and cleaning systems to remove any remaining debris.

  4. Grain tank: The cleaned grain is then deposited into the grain tank, which is located at the back of the combine. The size of the grain tank varies depending on the model of the combine, but it can typically hold several hundred bushels of grain.

  5. Engine: The engine is the power source that drives the entire machine. Claas combines are typically equipped with powerful diesel engines that can generate several hundred horsepower.

  6. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is used to control various parts of the combine, such as the grain header and the threshing drum. It also powers the steering and braking systems.

  7. Cab: The cab is the operator's station, where the driver sits and controls the machine. It is typically equipped with air conditioning, a comfortable seat, and a range of controls and displays to help the driver operate the combine efficiently.

  8. Wheels and tracks: Claas combines can be equipped with either wheels or tracks, depending on the conditions they will be operating in. Tracks provide better traction and flotation in wet or muddy conditions, while wheels are better for dry or hilly terrain.

  9. Electrical system: The electrical system powers the lights, displays, and other electrical components of the combine. It is typically powered by a large alternator that is driven by the engine.

  10. Chopper and spreader: Some Claas combines are equipped with a chopper and spreader, which chops up the straw and spreads it evenly over the field. This helps to improve soil health and reduce erosion.

In conclusion, a Claas combine is a complex machine made up of many different parts, each serving a specific purpose. The grain header, threshing drum, separation and cleaning system, grain tank, engine, hydraulic system, cab, wheels and tracks, electrical system, and chopper and spreader are all important components that work together to efficiently harvest and process crops.

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Claas company is known around the world. Because of the specific features of each country, engineers develop unique machines that are ideally suited to individual local conditions. Therefore for today, the Claas harvesters are an absolute favorite in the field of specialized equipment. Also, the analysis of the agricultural machinery market showed that last time every third combine bought in Europe went from this German company. The company constantly updates its line of combines and harvesters. The recipe for success here is the further development of proven technologies with the simultaneous introduction of technological novelties. What do you get? The most modern technique, based on the 75-year experience of AG machines creating. Claas combines (in the US known as Lexion) have excellent quality, but even the most reliable ag machine needs timely service. Constant performance depends on plenty of parts: augers, sieves, concaves, straw walkers, drums, housings, tubes, supports, and others. You can find all these products for feeding and threshing mechanisms with proven European quality at an affordable price.

Claas combine parts

The catalog contains Aftermarket Claas combine parts:

  • Replacement parts for Claas combine harvesters - LEXION, TUCANO, AVERO, DOMINATOR, CROP TIGER, MEGA, the MEDION, COMMANDOR
  • PARTS for CLAAS combine headers: MAXFLO, TUCANO, VARIO / TUCANO, C1200 / F1200, C900-C300, C900-C450, C900-C350, C450-C300, C490-C370, C900-C300 - rapeseed, C750-C450 , S900-S450 - harvesting soybeans; harvester MEDION, S900-S450-for soybean harvesting; harvester LEXION
  • Parts for forage harvesters CLAAS: JAGUAR
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