Claas is an agricultural machinery manufacturer founded in 1913, based in Harsewinkel, Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany. The product range includes combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers, mowers, rakes, tractors, tedders and other harvesting machines. 

We offer over 280 Claas Lexion combines parts.  Aftermarket augers, concaves, drums, housings, sieves, tubes, straw walkers and other Claas parts for Lexion combine harvesters

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Today Claas combines are widely known around the world. Because of the specific features of each country, engineers develop unique machines that are ideally suited to individual local conditions. Therefore for today the Class harvesters are an absolute favorite in the field of specialized equipment. In addition, the analysis of the agricultural machinery market showed that last year every third combine bought in Europe went from this German company. Company constantly updates its line of combine harvesters. The recipe for success here is the further development of proven technologies with the simultaneous introduction of technological novelties. What do you get? The most modern technique, based on the 75-year experience of combines creating. 

Claas combines (in US known as Lexion) have excellent qualities, but  even the most reliable ag macine needs timely service. Constatnt performance depends on a number of parts: augers, sieves, concaves, straw walkers, drums, housings, tubes, supports and other. Buy your aftermarket Claas  combine parts at our online store!

We offer Lexion Claas combine parts for feeding and threshing mechanisms at a reasonable price and proven European quality.

Find here YOUR Claas parts!

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