Cleaning system

Cleaning system parts for John Deere, Claas Lexion, Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson harvesters: sieves, frames, boxes, floors

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Cleaning system

The cleaning system is equipped with grain trays, sieves and a fan for grain cleaning. The molds prepare the grain by distributing it evenly over the entire surface of the sieve. They swing back and forth to transport grain, which has been separated by the threshing drum and separation system, to the grain auger.

The cleaning system has upper and lower sieves for sorting grain and tailings, respectively, and is adapted to the type of crop and harvesting conditions. The sieves have different sizes of holes and a special position on the machine for efficient sorting of poorly threshed ears. This material is then sent to the tail elevator for re-threshing with a thresher, and clean grain is sent to the elevator.

The moving pallets also lift up the remaining straw and bales, sending them to the rear of the machine using the air flow generated by the fan.

Thus, these parts are subjected to repetitive mechanical stress and wear can lead to poor sorting performance. It is difficult to find a balance between cleaning efficiency, grain loss and productivity. To ensure that you receive reliable parts that increase the performance of your machine, Agroparts offers you a wide selection of cleaning system wear parts, fully tailored to your machine, at competitive prices.

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