Crop / Straw discharge

Crop / Straw discharge parts for John Deere, Claas Lexion, Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson combine harvesters: straw choppers bodies, drums, plates

The crop and straw discharge unit is an essential component of a combine harvester, which is responsible for separating the grain from the straw and chaff and discharging them from the machine.

The main parts of the crop and straw discharge unit include:

  1. Straw walkers: These are a series of rotating frames with metal fingers that shake the straw and chaff to separate it from the grain.

  2. Straw chopper: This component cuts the straw into smaller pieces, making it easier to spread on the field as mulch.

  3. Auger: The auger helps to move the crop material from the threshing and separating unit to the straw walkers.

  4. Tailings return system: This system returns any grain that has not been properly separated back to the threshing and separating unit for further processing.

  5. Chaff spreader: This component spreads the chaff evenly over the field, reducing the risk of fire.

  6. Grain tank: The grain tank is where the harvested grain is stored until it can be unloaded.

  7. Unloading auger: This component allows the operator to unload the grain from the grain tank into a waiting truck or other storage container.

Overall, the crop and straw discharge unit is a complex system that is essential to the efficient and effective operation of a combine harvester. Each of these parts plays a critical role in separating and discharging the crop material, ensuring that the harvested grain is properly stored and the field is prepared for the next planting season.

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Discharge unit

After threshing, two types of materials remain for processing, except for grain: straw and chaff.

Straw left over from the separation system (agitators or rotary separators) can be heaped or shredded. If it does not need to be stored, it can be shredded and spread over the fields, making it easier to plow the stubble. The straw is processed by an ultra-fine chopping system, consisting of movable and fixed knives, adapted to various types of harvesting.

Fan airflow removes chaff from the cleaning system. The chaff spreader, consisting of discs and blades, distributes it evenly according to the required working width.

Regular inspection and replacement of these components ensures quality chopping and controlled, even spreading. As a result, crop residues are quickly applied to the soil for the next planting season. To ensure you get reliable parts that increase your machine's performance, Agroparts offers you a wide range of wear parts for your combine harvester discharge  system, fully tailored to your machine for reasonable prices.

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