Feeder unit

The typical parts that might be found in a feeder unit of a John Deere, Claas Lexion, Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson combine harvester:

  1. Feeder House: This is the primary component of the feeder unit that moves the crop material from the header to the threshing unit. It is a long channel made up of a series of chains, augers, and belts that work together to convey the crop material to the threshing unit.

  2. Reel: A reel is mounted on the front of the header and is used to guide the crop material into the feeder house. The reel consists of a series of metal bars or fingers that rotate around a central axis to sweep the crop material towards the feeder house.

  3. Draper Belts: Some combine harvesters use draper belts to guide the crop material from the header to the feeder house. Draper belts are wide, flexible belts that are designed to gently transport the crop material without damaging it.

  4. Augers: Augers are screw-like devices that are used to move the crop material from the header to the feeder house. They can be found in the bottom of the feeder house and are responsible for directing the crop material towards the threshing unit.

  5. Chain Conveyors: Chain conveyors are used to transport the crop material through the feeder house. They consist of a series of metal chains with paddles that move the crop material towards the threshing unit.

  6. Feeder House Floor: The feeder house floor is typically made of metal and is designed to support the crop material as it moves through the feeder house. It is often adjustable to accommodate different crop types and conditions.

  7. Feed Accelerator: Some newer models of combine harvesters have a feed accelerator, which is a device that increases the speed of the crop material as it enters the feeder house. This helps to improve the threshing and separation process and can result in higher grain yields.

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Feeder unit

During harvesting, the performance of your feeder unit and intake conveyor is key to ensuring quality work and optimal productivity. It transfers your crop from header to thresher. Its role goes beyond simply transporting the crop; it also acts as a regulator for an even crop flow for optimum performance.

The conveyor, equipped with quality chains and tires, can handle the workload without the risk of breakage during the season. To ensure you get reliable parts that increase your machine's performance, Agroparts offers you a wide range of inlet conveyor wear parts, fully tailored to your machine, dor reasonable prices.

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