Combine parts

Combines and harvesters are complex machines designed to efficiently and effectively harvest crops from fields. They are comprised of many different combine parts, each with a specific function.

Here are some of the key combine parts and their functions:

  1. Header: The header is the front part of the combine that is attached to the harvesting machine. It is responsible for cutting and gathering the crop. Headers come in different types, including platform headers, corn headers, and draper headers.

  2. Reel: The reel is a rotating part of the header that helps to gather the crop and feed it into the combine. It is usually made up of a series of plastic or metal fingers that rotate around a central axis.

  3. Auger: The auger is a long, screw-like device that moves the harvested crop from the header to the threshing and separating mechanism. It is responsible for conveying the crop to the threshing cylinder.

  4. Threshing cylinder: The threshing cylinder is a large, rotating drum that separates the grain from the crop. It is equipped with a series of teeth or bars that thresh the crop and separate the grain.

  5. Separating system: The separating system is responsible for separating the grain from the rest of the plant material. It usually consists of a series of sieves or screens that sift the grain from the chaff and straw.

  6. Straw chopper: The straw chopper is a device that chops up the leftover straw and distributes it evenly over the field. It helps to improve soil quality and reduce erosion.

  7. Grain tank: The grain tank is the storage compartment on the combine where the harvested grain is collected. It can hold several hundred bushels of grain and is equipped with sensors to monitor the level of grain in the tank.

  8. Unloading auger: The unloading auger is responsible for transferring the grain from the grain tank to a waiting truck or storage bin. It is typically mounted on the side of the combine and can extend several feet to reach the storage container.

  9. Engine: The engine is the power source for the combine. It provides the energy needed to drive the various parts of the machine and harvest the crop. Combines usually have diesel engines with horsepower ranging from 100 to 500.

  10. Cab: The cab is the enclosed space where the operator sits and controls the combine. It is equipped with a variety of controls and displays that allow the operator to monitor and adjust the performance of the machine.

  11. Tires or tracks: Combines and harvesters usually have either tires or tracks to move around the fields. Tires provide good maneuverability and can be easily replaced, while tracks offer better traction and are ideal for use in wet or muddy conditions.

Overall, combines and harvesters are complex machines that require many different combine parts to function properly. Each part plays a crucial role in the harvesting process, from cutting and gathering the crop to separating the grain and storing it for later use.


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Combine parts

A combine is a complex, self-propelled agricultural machine used to harvest grain crops such as corn, wheat, milo, soybeans, rape seed, and rice. The combine performs two, and sometimes more, basic functions of harvesting: first it reaps (cuts) the crop, and then it threshes it, separating the kernels of grain from the seed coverings and other debris (chaff). Combines may also bale the straw that remains after threshing and be equipped with other mechanisms. It is a complex machine that has the properties of three common agricultural machines - fan, header, and thresher. This machine requires on-time attention, caring treatment, and regular used parts replacement. We offer aftermarket combine parts from a trusted European manufacturer. Our combine parts correspond to OEM quality, may have reinforced design, and are made of durable materials.

To choose a combine part you need you can use filters on the left column. Our parts catalog allows filtering by brand, model, machinery type, machinery unit, part type, price, weight. Additional filters may be added.

Anytime you can ask us any question about part compatibility and availability. Visit our contact page. You can give the serial number of your machine, so we can check compatibility with original parts catalogs.

Using high-quality spare parts is prefered for your combine. The use of concave and good-quality sieves in combination with other combine parts can significantly increase the productivity of the machine, which ultimately leads to an increase in agricultural production. Our agricultural machinery parts are manufactured to exacting standards and manufacturers' requirements and have earned a good reputation among European grain producers. Choosing the right parts for your machine is very important. We understand this, so we never compromise with quality and only produce high-quality AG parts that meet industry standards. If you want to focus on reducing grain damage, you need to install good quality aftermarket parts for your combine to match your work goals.

We usually deliver our products by Freight Delivery. To avoid parts damage during delivery, we offer additional packaging of shipped parts. Parts can be put together to reduce bulk weight and shipping costs. To reduce the shipping time and cost you can choose to deliver the order to the nearest transport company service center address. This can reduce the delivery time by 1-2 days and exclude additional fees for a residential address.

Keeping your combine harvester in a well-maintained condition leads to maximum cropping output and best harvest quality. It is quite vital to find a combine harvester parts manufacturer with long-term cooperation. Agroparts is honored to serve you with our reliable combine harvester parts. To help you keep your machine in top condition and ensure that you will find the parts you need, Agroparts offers a wide selection of quality, multi-brand wear parts for Harvesters at competitive prices. A well-maintained Combine means maximum work output and optimal harvest quality!

Agroparts parts are compatible with most Combine Harvester models on the farm machinery market, regardless of their generation. For example:


  • LEXION 400, 500, 600, 700
  • TUCANO 300, 400, 500
  • AVERO 160, 240
  • MEGA 300, 200


  • CR 900, 8000/9000, 7./8./9./10.
  • CX 700/800, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 5./6./7./8.
  • CS 500, 600, 6000
  • TX 30 Series, 60 Series
  • CSX 7000
  • TC 5000…


  • T Series 500, 600
  • W Series 500, 600
  • S Series 500, 600, 700
  • 9000 Series (WTS, STS, CTS)
  • Series 20, 22
  • Series 1000, 1100…


  • AXIAL-FLOW Series 1400, 1600, 2100, 2300…

And many other brands and models …


Our Sales Engineers are here to guide you in choosing among a wide selection of 100% Agropart Alternative parts sold at competitive prices, designed and built in collaboration with European companies specializing in metalwork, industrial plate work, machining, post-treatments, etc.

Rasp bars, Concaves, Pre-concaves, Rasp bars for rotary thresher, etc. Check out our selection of parts for the Feeding, Threshing, Separating, Cleaning, and Chopping units. 

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