We offer aftermarket combine parts for John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Claas Lexion, Massey Ferguson combines. Our parts are made by a trusted European manufacturer and correspond to OEM dimensions and durability. The quality of our parts is confirmed by many years of work with partners from European countries.

We deliver parts within USA and Canada with freight LTL services or UPS Ground.

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A combine is a complex, self-propelled agricultural machine used to harvest grain crops such as corn, wheat, milo, soybeans, rape-seed, and rice. The combine performs two, and sometimes more, basic functions of harvesting: first it reaps (cuts) the crop, and then it threshes it, separating the kernels of grain from the seed coverings and other debris (chaff). Combines may also bale the straw that remains after threshing and be equipped with other mechanisms. It is a complex machine that has the properties of three common agricultural machines - fan, header, and thresher. This machine requires on time attention, caring treatment and regular used parts replacement. We offer aftermarket combine parts from a trusted European manufacturer. Our combine parts correspond to OEM quality, may have reinforced design and made of durable materials.

How to choose and order

To choose a combine part you need you can use filters on the left column. Our parts catalog allows to filter by brand, model, machinery type, machinery unit, part type, price, weight. Additional filters may be added.

Also you can use a search with any word or part number.

Anytime you can ask us any question about part compatibility and availability. Visit out contact page. You can give a serial number of your machine, so we can check compatibility with original parts catalogs.

And if we don’t have the right part on hand from our catalog, we'll make a preorder for you.

You can place an order any time 24/7 through our new e-commerce website. Our website is mobile-ready so you can access it from a computer, tablet or even your smartphone.

Productivity and quality

Using high-quality spare parts is prefered for your combine. The use of concave and good-quality sieves in combination with other combine parts can significantly increase the productivity of the machine, which ultimately leads to an increase in agricultural production. Our agricultural machinery parts are manufactured to exacting standards and manufacturers' requirements and have earned a good reputation among European grain producers. Choosing the right parts for your machine is very important. We understand this, so we never compromise with quality and only produce high-quality AG parts that meet industry standards. If you want to focus on reducing grain damage, you need to install good quality aftermarket parts for your combine to match your work goals.


We usually deliver our products by Freight Delivery. To avoid parts damage during delivery, we offer additional packaging of shipped parts. Parts can be put together to reduce bulk weight and shipping costs. To reduce the shipping time and cost you can choose to deliver order to the nearest transport company service center address. This can reduce the delivery time by 1-2 days and exclude additional fees for a residential address.

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