Combine parts

A combine is a complex machine that is used to harvest crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans, and others. It is composed of several parts that work together to effectively harvest and separate the grain from the crop.

Here are some of the key parts of a combine:

  1. Header: This is the front part of the combine harvester that cuts the crop and feeds it into the threshing mechanism. The header can be adjusted to accommodate different crop heights and widths.

  2. Reel: The reel is a rotating bar that helps to guide the crop into the header and cut it cleanly. The speed of the reel can be adjusted to match the crop conditions.

  3. Threshing mechanism: This is the part of the combine harvester that separates the grain from the rest of the crop. It consists of a series of rotating drums and/or concaves that rub against the crop to break it apart.

  4. Separating mechanism: Once the grain has been separated from the crop, it needs to be further cleaned and separated from any remaining debris. This is done through a series of sieves and fans that blow the grain up and out of the combine while leaving the debris behind.

  5. Grain tank: The grain tank is where the harvested grain is stored until it can be unloaded. The size of the grain tank varies depending on the size of the combine harvester and can range from a few hundred to several thousand bushels.

  6. Chopper: Some combine harvesters are equipped with a chopper that chops up the remaining straw and debris into small pieces, which can then be spread back onto the field as a nutrient-rich mulch.

  7. Drive train: The drive train consists of the engine, transmission, and other components that power the combine harvester and its various mechanisms.

  8. Cab: The cab is where the operator sits and controls the combine harvester. It typically includes a steering wheel, pedals, levers, and a control panel with various gauges and displays.

Overall, a combine is a complex machine that requires careful maintenance and attention to detail in order to function effectively. By understanding the various parts of the combine harvester and how they work together, farmers can maximize their harvest yields and minimize their downtime and maintenance costs.


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