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Reducing harvest fires - the back pocket guide

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The Back Pocket Guide - Reducing Harvest Fires

All harvesters are prone to fire but crop and machine losses can be minimised with hygiene, inspection and maintenance.

Bearings, hydraulic lines and belts need to be closely monitored and the harvester should be kept free of dust and chaff accumulation.

According to Kondinin Group research, on average annually, around 7% of harvesters will start a fire. Of these, one in ten will cause significant damage to the machine or surrounding crop. ¢ If you detect a fire, face the harvester into the wind and evacuate promptly.

The benefits extend further than reducing the fire risk. A more pro-active maintenance and inspection programme will help reduce machinery downtime and prevent an expensive repair bill.

To check the compatibility of a part with your combine model, send us the combine model and preferably the serial number. You can also request the cost of delivery to your address.

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