6621920 Conveyor Floor fits Claas Dominator, Medion, Tucano CL-662-192R

6621920 Conveyor Floor fits Claas Dominator, Medion, Tucano

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Conveyor Floor for Claas combine.

Fits Claas combine(s) Dominator 118/108, 128/108 VX, Tucano 340, Medion 340

To check the compatibility of a part with your combine model, send us the combine model and preferably the serial number. You can also request the cost of delivery to your address.


Conveyor Floor for Claas combine.

Fits Claas combine(s) Dominator 118; Dominator 108; Dominator 128 VX; Dominator 108 VX; Tucano 340; Medion 340

OEM No: Claas 6621920, 662192.0

Replaced No: 6621930

Used in cleaning system, preparation floor

Quantity used: 1

Dimensions: 2007x1560x210 mm; 79 x 61-2/5 x 8-1/3 in.

Weight: 90 kg; 198 2/5 lb.

Conveyor Floor
Part type
Machinery type
Claas Dominator 108
Claas Dominator 108 VX
Claas Dominator 118
Claas Dominator 128 VX
Claas Medion 340
Claas Tucano 340
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg

Claas is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, and their products are sold in over 150 countries. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable machinery that is designed to meet the needs of farmers and contractors worldwide.

Claas produces a wide range of agricultural machines, including tractors, balers, forage harvesters, and telehandlers. However, their most famous product is their line of combine harvesters.

Combine harvesters, also known as "combines," are machines that are used to harvest and thresh grain crops like wheat, corn, and barley. They combine several functions in one machine, including cutting the crop, threshing the grain from the plant, separating the grain from the chaff, and cleaning the grain. This makes the harvest process much more efficient and saves time and labor costs for farmers.

Claas offers a range of combine harvesters to suit different needs and farm sizes. Their most popular models include the Lexion and Tucano series. These combines are designed to be easy to operate, with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls. They are also equipped with advanced features like automated crop flow control, automatic steering, and yield mapping.

One of the key benefits of Claas combines is their efficiency. They are designed to work quickly and effectively, with large cutting widths and high-capacity threshing systems. This means that farmers can complete their harvests quickly and move on to other tasks.

Overall, Claas agricultural machines and combine harvesters are known for their quality, efficiency, and reliability. They are a popular choice for farmers around the world who need reliable and high-performing equipment to help them run their operations efficiently.

Claas parts are available from authorized dealers and distributors worldwide. Customers can also order spare parts online through the company's website or mobile app. It has an extensive network of service centers and technicians who can provide expert support and advice on the selection and installation of spare parts. Also Agroparts offers aftermarket combine parts.

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