There are usually two combine sieves, one above the other, or called upper sieve (top sieve) and lower sieve (bottom sieve). The combine sieves are basically a metal frame, that has many rows of "fingers" set reasonably close together. The top is set with more clearance than the bottom as to allow a gradual cleaning action. The angle of the fingers is adjustable as to control the size of material passing through and change the clearance. Setting the fan speed, concave clearance, and sieve size is critical to ensure that the crop is threshed properly, the grain is clean of debris, and that all of the grain entering the machine reaches the grain tank.
We offer over 70 sieves part numbers for John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Claas Lexion, Massey Ferguson combines. Let's choose your sieves!

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Aftermarket chaffers and sieves. Advanced sieves with a set of advantages are result of long-term work. Agroparts sieves feature a number of innovations and improvements what provides durability, ease of adjustment and reparability, effective harvesting and reasonable price.

Special sealant is used in the sieves construction. It  prevents contact of the wire with sieve frame and protecting it from rubbing during the separation. That makes sieves more durable. 

We offers 5 different types of sieve-fingers: PW1 - PW2 - PW3 - PW4 - PW5. Each of them is designed to offer you the highest quality of cleaning!

Choose yours!

Sieves finger types

ADJUSTABLE LONG FINGERS SIEVES are used for harvesting of rice, grain, flax and rape.  we use wider step in arrangement of rack plates that makes separation of grain more productive, especially for corn, legumes and other cereals. This universal construction allows to harvest more clean yield.

ADJUSTABLE SHORT FINGERS RACK PLATES is used in most bottom sieves for productive fine grains collection and more careful cleaning.

Advantages and results:

  • Longer lasting - the special construction and strengthened sieve frame increases durability up to 50%.
  • Easy to set - dimensions correspond to the original parts and sieves can be mounted on the combine with no improvement.
  • Reparability. All sieves are dismountable. You can easily disassemble them for cleaning and repairing.
  • Better cleaning! With our sieves you may reduce grain losses and increase quality of cleaning, thereby increase the productivity of your combine  p to 10-15 %.

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