John Deere C670

The С670 combine harvester replaced the 9780 model of CTS series in 2007. The new combine had a mixed system of threshing and separation, which consisted of threshing drum and two digital rotary separators.

The C670 combine provides equal grain stream with possible changes of its directions. Because of a large cylinder and a tape-drive mechanism grain gets straight into the system, which ensures a high level of threshing and separation. With the help of two spiked separators, rotating towards one another, grain reflects, and its movement through the grates of separator is accelerated by the guide ribs. By the beater of forced unloading a high productivity is provided even in the harsh working conditions.

In the C series only one model is presented, its capacity is 400 horsepower and it has 10 000 l grain bunker. The HarvestSmart, AutoTrac and HarvestDoc systems could be installed in these models optionally.

Model John Deere C670
Years 2007-
Engine JD
Engine type 6090HZ003D
Displacement, cm3 8984
Number of cylinders 6 TI
Power, hp DIN 400
Fuel tank, l 800
Number of Gears 3
Transmission hydraulic
Speed min-max. km/h        0-25
Cutting width, m 6,1
Alternative сutting, m 6,7 - 9,15
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